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Even More FTLO Halloween!

Ok, I think Aurora has basically taken all the words out my mouth in her previous post of 'FTLO Halloween'. *LOL* So, all I can basically do is reaffirm her words and show you some amazing creations from some of the great designers participating in this event. By the way, there is a mini hunt on the 'FTLO Halloween' SIM (hint: look for the black and white leaves), so you definitely do not want to miss out on that.
I wanted to pay due notice to 'FTLO' creator Rhed Rhode. She created every inch of this awe inspiring SIM. This is definitely a MUST see, even if you don't plan on shopping or participating in the hunt. The whole theme is done in grey scale and has a very 'Tim Burton' (aka 'Nightmare Before Christmas & Beetlejuice) feel to it. Rhed's hard work definitely paid off and you have until the 31st to see it. Trust me, you DO NOT want to miss this!
Now on to the designers.......

~ .:Shush:. ~

FTLO: .:Shush:. Bloody Mary Outfit
FTLO: .:Shush:. Bloody Mary Outfit
***Fishnets actually come with the following out, 'Pretty for Halloween', not this one :P

FTLO: .:Shush:. Pretty for Halloween Outfit
FTLO: .:Shush:. Pretty for Halloween Outfit

These are definitely 2 of my favorite pieces from FTLO. Avy Fhang took the Halloween theme and created 2 very fashion forward pieces. 'Bloody Mary' could definitely be warn any other day of year, which is one of the major things I love that about it. Avy's designs are always impeccably rendered with tons of attention to detail. Her clothes follow the female form to a 'T' and will make any woman feel incredible. If you want to see more amazing creations from designer Avy Fhang, which I know you will, feel free to take the limo provided to .:Shush:.

-Style Card-
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Caramel - Stumble 2
Eye Tatt (Blood Mary Dress): BB&B Button Eyes Tattoo (FTLO...Halloween Item)
Hair: TRUTH Jackie - crow (NEW)
Earrings: [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Earrings/Onyx
Bangle R: [MANDALA] Pearl rain Bangle /Black
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black
Poses: *EverGlow*

~.:it's Cake:. ~

FTLO: .:it's Cake:. Midnight Hoodie, Poison Apple Tart Leggings & Poison Apple tattoo
FTLO: BB&B - Button Eyes, Button Eye Tattoo, Sutured Lips Tattoo & Buttons Over Eyes

The hoody and leggings,which are made by Rhed Rhode, are absolutely adorable. It definitely added a bit of cute, but still sexy, charm to all of this gore. *LOL* Rhed's talent really speaks for itself. If you have been to the 'FTLO Halloween' SIM then you obviously know. And if you haven't been there yet, you better get down there quick! I know you will be wondering about the other things that Rhed may have going on...  So, I highly suggest you visit her store and see for yourself.  The limo is waiting to take you to .:it's Cake:.
 I hope I didn't freak too many people out with the eerily realistic tattoos and props created by Piper Rewell.  She really is amazing at what she does. Piper's shop, BB&B, is filled with an array of similar novelties, which are perfect for Halloween or those into RP. So, here is the limo to take you to BB&B

-Style Card-
Skin: [PF] Elly - Bloodthirsty (dkbrow)
Hair: TRUTH Robyn - dune (NEW)
Necklace: [[PETURB/ation]] SUGGESTIVE -Necklace- [BLACK] *Midnight
Bracelets & Gloves: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelets &Gloves :: ASTEROID :: Black
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black
Pose 1: [ATOMIC] Pose - Rawr_1
Pose 2: {Just A POSE} Dead Like Me - Heart Atatatatatack

~ [aRAWRa] ~

FTLO: [aRAWRa] Candy Corn or BUST Bottom
FTLO'NSA'- Life's a Witch broom 

-Style Card-
Skin: *Mayden couture* - Halloween Gift (Spooktacular)
Hair:  .ploom. Blondes 2 - Crafty
Necklace: [[PETURB/ation]] SUGGESTIVE -Necklace- [BLACK] *Midnight
Bracelets & Gloves: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelets &Gloves :: ASTEROID :: Black
Shoes: [aRAWRa] Candied Corn Flats (FTLO Gacha.... Just 50L per try)
Broom & Pose: 'NSA' - Life's a Witch broom 

FTLO: [aRAWRa] Little Sweet Candy Corn 
FTLO: [aRAWRa] Little Sweet Candy Corn 

Awwwww! Arrrrrraaaawwrrraaa! *LOL* I also must give mad props (lmao) to mah girl ova here and co-author. Not only is she a talented designer, but a fabulous blogger too! You got to love her youthful designs, like the uber sleek 'Candy Corn or BUST' tube dress, which is very cute and sexy as well. I love that Aurora can do sexy, without going over the top and looking slutty. I also can never get enough of her tube dresses, which in this case is also a 'FTLO' hunt prize. Good luck in finding that!
Then we have her 'Sweet Little Candy Corn' dress, which is for sale at the 'FTLO' SIM for just $100L. This another super cute dress that is just perfect for girls who don't want to do the 'scary thing' for Halloween. Btw, if I sound like I am not making sense, it's because I have been working on this post for WAYYYYYY too long and am a bit blogged out! So, if you want to find more of Aurora's amazing creations, please go check-out her store, [aRAWRa].  Just like the others, I sent a limo:

I also wanted make a quick mention about the 'Crafty' hair from Ploom, which I am wearing with the tube dress. Who doesn't love hat hair? So, a witches hat with gorgeous hair is definitely the prefect combo. Plus, there is a very easy to use HUD that changes the hair streaks, hat color and rim color. So, for all you bitches, I mean witches*lol*, this is definitely my pick for Halloween hair. You can find this over at 'Atomic Island's' 'Spooktacular' Event:
or for more styles

-Style Card-
Skin: ~Mynverva~Misti Noir Ravenna~Brown Brows Cleavage
Hair: TRUTH Kelsey Streaked - dune
Necklace & Bracelet: *La Forgia*Maya Necklace &Bracelet Onix (NEW)
Shoes: [aRAWRa] Skully Flatss (FTLO Gacha....Just $50L per try)
Poses: Olive Juice


FTLO[PF] Dia De Los Muertos (Rose)
FTLO[PF] Elly Cream - Bloodthirsty (dkbrow)

All I can say is "WOW". Mochi Milena is one of SL's most extraordinary skin designers. I am alway amazed at the amount of realism acheived and the fact that she draws them by hand! Here we have 2 very different skins, but both are perfect for Halloween. We have the 'Dia De Los Muertos', which is Spanish for 'Day of The Day'. If anyone has witnessed this festival, which is held on November 2nd thoughout Mexico, they would see similar intricate designs painted on masks, cakes, etc... Anyway, Mochi really created a work of art with this piece. It's as beautiful as it is scary. Plus, there is a cleavage option.
Then we have 'Bloodthirsty'. I love how Mochi rendered the fangs into blood red lips. The porcelain skin is the prefect contrast to this vampy piece. There are 3 different skin layers included, so you can have the prefect brow color to match your hair. 'Bloodthirsty' also comes with 2 cleavage options in the form of tatt layers and 4 brow shapes. Come on, just because you look scary, doesn't mean that you have to forgo looking HAWT! Anyway, I know you will definitely want to see much more of Mochi's creations, so I took the liberty of sending you a limo to [PINK FUEL]

-Style Card-
Hair: TRUTH  Maya - espresso
Eyes: ::UH:: GemStone eye G04 (free gift)

~ .Sweet Antidote. ~

FTLO: .SA. halloween dream haze 
FTLO: .SA. halloween dream haze 

Now, if you are looking for something a but more dressy, Noena Merlin has a fabulous dress for you. While still maintaining the festive colors of orange and brown, Noena creates some pretty prims for full skirt.She also adds a bit a sultriness with a 'cut-out' bodice, which bares most of your midriff. This definitely makes for one gorgeous dress. If you like what you see, and I know you will, do yourself a favor and TP over to .Sweet Antidote. As always, I chartered a limo:

-Style Card-
Hair:  TRUTH  Bebe - dune (NEW)
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Faith_Caramel - Spicey 1
Necklace: [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Necklace/Onyx
Bangle L: [MANDALA] Pearl rain Bangle/Black
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black
Poses: (with love & squalor)

The limo to FTLO Halloween:

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