Saturday, October 16, 2010

Marisol from *Mayden Couture*

I wanted to present this amazing skin earlier, but I was away due family reasons and have been dealing with a wicked flu since I have been back. Anyway, Maika Koray has come out with an amazing new skin, called 'Marisol'. I have never really tried any of the skins from *Mayden Couture* until Maika kindly passed these review copies on to me. Thank you Maika! Boy, was I impressed! The skin is luminous and smooth. Maika's uses of shading and highlights is on point and creates the most amazing curves around the body. Speaking of curves, the breasts are very full and round, so there is definitely no need for enhancement, which I love. Maika gives you the option of 8 different make-ups, which will compliment any wardrobe. The lips are sensual and luscious and come in shades varying from pale to deep red. The eyes are amazing and shadow very well rendered. 'Marisol' comes in 3 gorgeous skin tones: pale, tan and dark. So, there is something for just about anyone. 'Marisol' has quickly become one of my favorite skins to wear and I can't wait to see what Maika Koray comes out with next!. I suggest you hurry-up and get down to *Mayden Couture* and try on a demo, because I know you will fall in love too! The limo is waiting:

*Mayden Couture* - Marisol Dark
*Mayden Couture* - Marisol Tan
*Mayden Couture* - Marisol Pale
*Mayden Couture* - Marisol (Pale, Tan & Dark)

~Additional Style Info~

Hair: TRUTH Nadine 2 Streaked - almond
Duct Tape: *League* Duct Tape
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain : Silver
Poses: *EverGlow*

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