Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some More 'FTLO Gacha' That You Must Get!

Who doesn't love gacha machines?  To me, they are across between those 25 cent candy machines and slot machines. Once you start, you just can't stop until you hit the jackpot! They should put a warning sticker stating: "Gacha's May Be Habit Forming!".You know how it goes, you see all the pretty colors/ textures of a certain item and they are priced really low. So you figure you'll try just once. If you get the color you really want; great! if you don't; you will be cool with what you have. However, that NEVER happens. At least in my case. *LOL*. I start with one, which is almost never my favorite choice, and then figure it's so cheap that I can afford to try again. But then I get same color! Next thing you know that initial $25-50L has turned into $400L. You could have bought the fatpack twice! Just for one color! Now, I could go on and on, ad nauseum...but I know you get what I am talking about. At least I hope :p
Anyway, FTLO Halloween has some more amazing gachas to feed your habit. In this post, I have some uber adorable 'Halloween Flats' from [aRAWRa]; some nommy Halloween 'Mouthys' from .:it's Cake:.; and I also have some really cute 'Fabric & Fishnet Bows' for you hair from [croire].
Now, if you haven't been to 'FTLO Halloween' SIM yet, you better get you cute pixelated but down there soon, since it's only up until the October 31st. Like I have previously mentioned, it really is an amazing sight to see, regardless of whether you plan on shopping on participating in the mini hunt. Plus, all teh cool gachas are there! I sent a limo to take you to the FTLO Halloween SIM:

.:it's Cake:.

.:it's Cake:. Bat Mouthy, Ghost Mouthy, Jack O' Lantern Mouthy & Cat Mouthy

Ok, I know someone has been just dying to shove a giant candy corn in my mouth to shut me up! So here it is!

-Additional Style Info-
Skin: ~Mynerva~ Misti Noir Ravenna~Brown Brows Cleavage
Hair: TRUTH Kelsey Streaked - dune
Necklace and Bracelet: *La Forgia* Maya Necklace Bracelt Onix-
Eyes: [Plastik]-JadedCollection-Fairytale-Green


[aRAWRa] Halloween Flats- Cross Bone Flats, Halloween Flats, Ghostie Flats, Pumpkin Flats, Skully Flats & Candied Corn Flats (RARE)


[croire] - Fabric and Fishnet Bows

-Additional Style Info-
Skin: LAQ ~ Martina - 03 [Nougat] Glow skin
Hair: TRUTH Robyn - dune (NEW)
Eyes: ::UH:: GemStone eye G04 (fee gift)

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