Sunday, September 5, 2010

Road Trip SALE at [Plastik]

Aikea Rieko is going on cross-country road trip across the USA and is leaving any day now. So, in an novel effort to fund the enormous gas prices, she is holding a 'Road Trip Sale'. Aikea has made 2 special edition items of everything in her store, which comes to a total of 79 pieces, and at an amazing price! I know I am a bit late presenting this awesome news, since the sale is supposed to end today, but I haven't been well and am currently recovering from surgery. Anyway, Aikea realizes thaat most of us have RLs and many people do not get wind of these sales until it's too late, so she may let it continue for a couple more days. I can't promise anything, but you never know. *LOL* Just about all of the pieces that I am showing you (i.e, skin, clothes, shoes, etc...) are designed by Aikea and can be found at the sale. So, if you haven't hit the sale yet, you better get there asap, since the clock is ticking! Believe me, this is one event you do not want the miss! The limo is waiting to take you [Plastik]

Left Look:

Skin: :[P]:-LionHeart-Fable-Bare:The Sun in my eyes
Eleven Ears: :[P]:-Lionheart Elven Ear-Fable
Eyes: [Plastik]-Bloodless-Calm
Dress: [P]:-Ambrice-Full-Mountains of Utah
Arm Warmers: [Plastik]-Leo Warmer-New Mexico
Shoes: :[P]:--Flatties-New Mexico
Hair: TRUTH Keeley Streaked - cocoa
Necklace: *ICED* Lucky Necklace

Right Look:
Skin: :[P]:-LionHeart-Tale-Bare:Public Restrooms and Runny Makeup
Eleven Ears: :[P]:-Lionheart Elven Ear-Tale
Eyes: [Plastik]-Bloodless-Silver
Dress (including stockings): [Plastik]-Bordello-Fields of Daisies
Gloves: [Plastik]-LipstickMuse-Glove-Plain-Neb.Fields-Rust
Shoes: :[P]:-Stiletto-R-Crimson Rose
Hair: TRUTH Keeley Streaked - cocoa
Necklace: *ICED* Azura Necklace

Left Look:

Skin: :[P]:-LionHeart-Saga:The Sun in my eyes
Eleven Ears: :[P]:-Lionheart Elven Ear-Saga
Eyes: [Plastik]-Bloodless-Spring
Dress[P]:-Boudoir-Colorado Fields
Arm Warmers: [Plastik]-Leo Warmer- The Big Apple
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain : Silver 
Hair: TRUTH Gemma - chocolate

Middle Look:
Skin: :[P]:-LionHeart-Myth-Freck:Public Restrooms and Runny Makeup
Eleven Ears: :[P]:-Lionheart Elven Ear-Myth
Eyes: [Plastik]-Bloodless-Grape
Dress[P]:-[Plastik-Ezerach-Dress-Texas Cowgirl
Jacket: [Plastik] -Astrid-California Vines
Leggings: [Plastik]-Fierii Leggings-Georgia Lace
Shoes: :[P]:--Flatties-New Mexico
Hair: TRUTH Frankie Streaked - coffee
Necklace: *ICED* Lucky Necklace

Right Look:
Skin: :[P]:-LionHeart-Story-Bare:Public Restrooms and Runny Makeups
Eleven Ears: :[P]:-Lionheart Elven Ear-Story
Eyes: [Plastik]-Bloodless-Night
Top: [Plastik]-Drown-Ren-Arizona Blues
Leggings: [Plastik]-Leggings-Full-Nebraska Fields Red
Gloves: [Plastik]-LipstickMuse-Glove-Plain-Neb.Fields-Red
Shoes: :[P]:-Stiletto-R-Crimson Rose
Hair: TRUTH Gemma - honey
Necklace: *ICED* Lucky Necklace

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