Monday, September 13, 2010

::Fashion House:: 2010 (Sept 10-15th) - ::COOL BEANS:: & : Heartsick:

Sept 10-15th

Here is yet another installment of some ::Fashion House:: goodness. This time I am featuring creations from ::COOL BEANS:: and :Heartsick:. Once again, I simply can not get over the quality of these designs for the price they are marked at. This is definitely one event you do NOT want to miss. However, time is running out, since it's only here until the 15th of September. So you better hurry-up!


:CB: Scarlot Mini Dress - Crimson
:CB: Scarlot Mini Dress - Smoke

I am have been a long time fan of Anyalia Pearl's cute and sassy designs. She always manages to surprise me with each new creation she debuts. I adore the extra special attention to detail she pays to all her designs, especially this one. The zippers and perfectly place wrinkles add that dimension of realism I love so much. This is definitely one of my new favorite little hawt dresses. Plus, it is only $85L for both dresses!

: Heartsick :

Top Row: : HS : Enchant : Cassis : Daybreak - Freck & Bare with Birthmark
Bottom Row: : HS : Enchant : Reverie : Daybreak - Freck & Bare
: HS : Enchant : Daybreak - Full Cleavage, Medium Cleavage & No Cleavage

I have seen a lot of Amesha Jewell's skins on SL's feeds and have always appreciated their quality. However, this was my first time "up close and personal" with one them and  I definitely liked what I saw. Amesha Jewell's skins are luminescent with a very sensual tone. It's not overly muscular, but smooth and curvy, which I love. The lips have sexy pout that compliment the nicely shaded eyes. I really like the fact that this skin, which is also known as 'Enchant' in 'Daybreak', comes with several wear options that will suit anyone's needs. Each tone has 3 cleavage selections - full, medium and no cleavage. One also has a choice of a bare skin or skin that is adorned with youthful freckles or a birthmark. I have yet to find a skin that comes with this many choices and it has definitely spoiled me. There a two skin tones, 'Cassis' (tan) and 'Reverie' (pale) to choose from. They both are priced between $75-125L, which is a real steal! So, if you haven't tried :Heartsick: skins yet, now is the time to try them!
Like I mentioned early, ::Fashion House:: is only here for a couple more days. So, I suggest you get your butt down there now. As usual, I sent a limo to take you there in style:

~ Additional Style Info~

Hair: TRUTH Keeley Streaked - driftwood
Necklace: boho - Love Earth (3 strand) Tangled Necklace 
Earrings: -= UZURI =- Ebony Drops Ear Rings
Bracelet: ZC : kaya onyx  bracelet  *silver* 
Sunglasses: /artilleri/ greta sunglasses *black*
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black

Hair: fri. - Tatum.2 - Anxious Blond
Eyes: ~Mynerva~ SoulHeart Eyes - Ceruleana
Earrings: -= UZURI =- Ebony Drops Ear Rings
Bracelet: ZC : kaya onyx  bracelet  *silver* 
Lingerie: Armidi - Boudoir Bra & Panties - Noir 
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black

ALL POSES: *EverGlow*

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