Monday, July 26, 2010

A Total Knockout in **TKO**

Pic 1: **TKO** Retro Tubes -  Good Luck Bear w/ Plain Tube Top &  PowerPuff Girls w/ Lace Trimmed Tube Top
Pic 2: **TKO** Roxy Dress - Brown & Roxy Dress - Blue 
Pic 3: **TKO** Mandy Top - Nude &  Mandy Top - Aqua
Pic 4: **TKO** Becca Top - Black & Becca Top - Rose
Pic 5: **TKO** Kelly Waistcoat - Red, Nia Jeans - Black  &  Kelly Waistcoat - Teal, Nia Jeans - Pink

**TKO** is still a fairly new name for me, but from the bits I have seen in past few weeks, I have really taken a liking to their clothes. Kirsty Oherlihy, the fabulous designer behind **TKO** was generous enough to drop me of a few review copies of her latest releases. Thank you, Kirsty! Let me just say, I was definitely pleased with what I saw and wore. Kirsty's designs are super cute and really sexy. This mix may sound like a contradiction, but Kirsty knows how to pull it off. One example of this would be the 'retro tubes', which come adorned with cartoon characters from my youth, like the "Care Bears" and "Power Puff Girls". You have got to love that!
Then Kirsty takes things up a notch with her uber hawt 'Roxy Dress'. The simple lines and wild zebra print, make this an excellent choice for night out on the town. I also must mention that Kirsty's skirt prims are superb. I did not have to do any editing at all, which is definitely rare for me.
In the third picture, I am sporting Kirsty's 'Mandy' top. I really adore this piece. I love the gorgeous floral print and carefully hand drawl wrinkles and gathers in the fabric. Added touches like this, give Kirsty's designs that extra element of realism that I am always seeking.
In the forth picture, I am wearing the 'Becca' top. This is top is a bit more daring and I like it! It shows just the right amount skin with out being too flashy. It fits my body perfectly and shows off my curves in the just the right way. Kirsty definitely knows what works on the female form.
In the last picture, I am donning the 'Kelly Waistcoast' and 'Nia' jeans. These are two of my favorite pieces. I love the adeptly placed seams on the jeans and vest. The artfully sculpted flared cuffs blend perfectly with the rest of the pant. There are no awkward "connections". The jeans have a slightly relaxed fit, but are cut low enough to add a bit spice to this already amazing design. The vest is expertly rendered and, once again, shows off my curves to a "T". So, let me stop my rambling, while you go down to **TKO** and check-out Kirsty's designs for yourself. The limo is waiting:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Deep Tan (cleavage) Group Gift
Hair: Maitreya - Jaiden - Coffee
Earrings: -=UZURI=- Mwezi Ear Rings
Bracelets: -= UZURI =- Nahla Bracelet (monochrome)
Necklace (pic 1&2): [glow] Studio Silver Trance necklace (TDR Blue)
Necklace (pic 4&5): -=UZURI=- Mwezi Necklace
Shoes: #OC# - Mercy -Black
Pants (pic 1): Djinn & Tonic [Clam Diggers, Darkwash]
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen eye(free gift)
Lashes: TF -Swept Away Eyelashes

All Poses: *EverGlow* & aDORKable Poses

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