Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pretty in :PESTO:

Pic 1: :PESTO: - LazyTankDress (Clockwise-starting with upper left pic)-CamoUrban, CamoGreen, CamoPink, CamoAqua
Pic 2: :PESTO: - LazyTankDress-Grunge, PlanetRetro, LilBlueDots & Pinstripe
Pic 3: :PESTO: OpenBoleroJacket-Longsleeve [white top] Black & LowDenimShorts-Darkcherry, OpenBoleroJacket-Longsleeve [nipple tape] Bordeaux & LowDenimShorts-Burnedblack, OpenBoleroJacket-Longsleeve [nipple tape] Cream & LowDenimShorts-Deepblue, OpenBoleroJacket-Longsleeve [white shirt] Sand & LowDenimShorts-Espresso
Pic 4: :PESTO: - CroppedTankTop-Black nippled & LowDenimShorts-Darkcherry, CroppedTankTop-Olive unnippled & LowDenimShorts-Forestgreen, CroppedTankTop-Brown & LowDenimShorts-Ashgrey, CroppedTankTop nippled-Pink & LowDenimShorts-Burnedblack

:PESTO: is YUMMY! And I am not talking about the sauce! Pesto Portland is the talented designer behind all these cool and sexy creations. I just love Pesto's use of vibrant colors and eye-popping textures, which make her clothes extra appealing and very appetizing. Her sleek hand drawn details and carefully crafted prims, hug the lines of one's body perfectly. Pesto knows how to show just enough skin with out making her clothes look trashy and cheap. I think you know who some of these designers are, but I won't mention any names.
In the top two pictures, I am wearing Pesto's ultra-cute "LazyTankDress". It certainly is the perfect dress to slip into during these hot and lazy summer days. The dress has a super high mini that justs screams HAWT! The "neat" patterns are just so delicious that it makes it almost impossible to choose which one I want to wear. I was also very impressed with Pesto's flawless prim work on the skirt. This is such a rare find with this type of tank dress. I didn't have to edit the skirt one bit, which as you know by now is a BIG issue with me.
In the bottom two pictures, I am sporting Pesto's "LowDenimShorts". These also come in a fabulous array of colors and show just enough back to be alluring and not slutty. The shadowing and highlights on the shorts are done with an adept precision that brings the denim to life. I switched off pairing the shorts with the "OpenBoleroJacket" and "CroppedTankTop". I have a "thing" for bolero jackets and Pesto does this short sculpted jacket justice. The jacket comes with 4 layering options to suit your needs. It comes with a more modest layer that includes a white cropped tank. It comes with just the jacket, so you can layer it with another top of your choosing, liked the "CroppedTankTop", or no top all. If you are feeling especially risqué, the jacket also comes with a "nipple tape" option. You can wear the Bolero jacket and tape as one "jacket layer" or you can opt to wear the separate "nipple tape tank" layer. I hope that makes sense. *LOL*
If you are feeling a bit too heated, then the "CroppedTankTop" is an awesome choice that can be worn with just about anything. There are several brilliant colors to choose from and and come with a sensual"nippled version", which really doesn't need and explanation. If you are a more modest type, you can wear the "unnippled" version so there is no nipple shadowing. It's just nice and smooth.
Now all of what I have just shown you is a teaser of what :PESTO: has to offer. I suggest you take a look for yourself. You definitely wont regret it. Well your wallet might, but you will look amazing. The limo is waiting:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: -Belleza- Alyson Deep Tan (Cleavage) - Old Group Gift
Hair (pics 1&2): TRUTH - Bethany-Coffee
Hair: (pics 3&4): TRUTH - Peyton-Coffee
Jewelry: Mariposa - Oceanic Set
Bracelet L: Zaara - Pallav Clear Bracelets
Sneakers (pic 1): UBU - PornStar-Lo-Tops (Color/Texture Change)
Shoes (pic 2): *ByKay* - Kate *All Colors* (Color/Texture Change)
Clogs (pics 3&4): ::Duh!:: - Slip-on Clogs Black/Silver
Eyes: ::UH:: - Frozen Eyes-Free gift
Lashes: TF - SweptAway!

All Poses: *Everglow


  1. Hello! ;)
    I like to ask if the Alyson skin group gift from Belleza is an older one? I cant find it in shop only the elle skin.


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  3. Yes, it is an older group gift and I will make note of it. Sorry about any confusion :)