Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spotlight on "caLLie cLine"

Pic 1: caLLie cLine -the little gLitter dress ( longsleeve) CHAMPAGNE, the rock bangle in diamond   &  the little gLitter dress (tank) CHAMPAGNE, the rock bangle in diamond 
Pic 2: caLLie cLine -  St. Tropez cafe Swimsuit Ensemble (includes hat), the rock bangle in diamond 
Pic 3: caLLie cLine - baBy’s boDaciOuSneSS paisley party dress (b&w) & happy flats - b&w paisley, the rock bangle in diamond 
Pic 4: caLLine cLine - (BR) KALEIDESCOPE SUMMER BIKINI, SPARKLE EARRINGS, SPARKLE SUNGLASSES, KALEIDESCOPE SUMMER FLEXI PRIM BEACH SKIRT-Includes everything pictured (Beach Umbrella, bottle of Corona Extra,  3D - RADIO (song performed by 3D) & GLITTER BEACH TOWEL) This also comes with a FUNK BEACH BALL & FUNK ridable innertube!

Callie Cline has become a bit of a fashion icon in SL. She has been going strong in SL with her creative designs, with even more catchier names, for quite a few years now.You got to love her spunk and her humor, which makes her designs even more adorable and delicious. Callie is one of those rare designers who can make woman feel and look sexy with out going over the top. Sh truly knows what works with the curves of the female form. In the top picture, I am displaying one of Callie's newest releases, called "The Little Glitter Dress". It is certainly the quintessential sexy little dress with just enough glitter to make it pop. One can not help but feel amazing when strutting their stuff in the ultra-mini. As you can see in the pics, the dress comes with two style options. You can wear it with long sleeves or as a tank dress. It also comes in several yummy colors. I paired the dress with Callie's "The Rock Diamond Bangle". What woman does not want to be draped in diamonds? The bracelet is carefully crafted with just enough diamond and absolutely no bling. The dress and bracelet are a definite "must have" for any wardrobe!
In the second pic, I am cooling off and looking posh in the "St. Tropez Cafe Swimsuit Ensemble". Not only do you get this fabulous one piece but you get the amazing hat as well. This set was nice change of pace for me. SL seems to be inundated by bikinis at the moment, so this classic one piece was very refreshing. This is also a definite "must"!
In the third picture, I am taking on a different tone. I am wearing "baBy’s boDaciOuSneSS paisley party belt dress". Try saying the 5 times in row and very fast! This gorgeous design is draped in an intricate paisely texture and has a bit of a Spanish flavor to it. Once again, Callie's signature styling is seen throughout this very feminine dress. I paired this dress with Callie's "Happy Flats" that are also in a black and white paisley. These super cute flats are adorned with a "with a heart shaped" rock that make them more like jewelry than a shoe. And of course, I couldn't help but wear "The Rock Bangle" once again.
In the fourth and last picture, it's beach part time! Callie's super slinky "Kaleidescope Summer Bikini" fits my body to "T". And if that isn't enough, this bikini comes with a everything needed for a beach party! It includes Callie's trademark glitter sunglasses, hoop earrings and beach blanket. It also comes with bottle of "Corona", an umbrella, transistor radio, inner-tube and beach ball! Have party, will travel. This is yet another top pick of summer finds that every girl should have in her inventory.
So what are you waiting for? Get down to caLLie cLine in caLLiefornia and see what surprises are waiting for you. Callie also has amazing funiture designs as well. The limo is waiting: http://slurl.com/secondlife/caLLiefornia/121/134/27

~ Additional Style Info ~

Hair (pic 1): TRUTH - Rylan 2 - almond
Hair (pic 2&3): fri. - Summer - Timid Brown
Hair (pic 4): fri. - Cassidy - Timid Brown
Skin (pic 1-3): LAQ ~ Martina - 03 [Nougat] Glow skin 
Skin (pic 4): -Belleza- Alyson Deep Tan group gift (cleavage)
Bracelet R: (pic 1-3) Zaara : Pallav clear bracelet
Necklace (pic 1&2): ZC : Parnini Necklace *clear*
Jewelry Set (pic 3): *ByKay* ~ Renaissance Bracelet *Group Only* (White Gold)
Bracelet R (pic 4): Zaara : Pallav clear bracelets 
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eye(free gift)
Lashes: TF -  Swept Away EyeLashes
Boots (pic 1): SLink - Marina Boot -Tan
Barefeet: *ByKay* ~ Sam *Barefeet*

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  1. aww how sweet of you to do this post! it's fun to see how different people wear different things and you look very cute!

    the swim suits are pretty "vintage" CC meaning they were done a few years ago but it seems everytime i take them out of my store i get people wanting them. i guess what's old to some of us is new to a lot of others.

    you're really cute i love all the stuff on you and thank you again for the nice post :)

    btw, i just made a VERY cute wrap bikini that will be out tomorrow at the summer of love event!!! i hope you like it!

    keep up the great blogging!

    xoxo, caLLie