Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sassy in 'Shush'

As I spout alot about being a 'Jeans' kinda girl I was pretty chuffed when Avy Fhang, owner of Shush sent me a stash of goodies to review. The 'Summer Top' Im wearing comes in a range of delicious colours and the perfectly designed prim bottom really gives them a classier edge. With the addition of some subtile texturing these are a perfect piece to wear with jeans or maybe some shorts for the summer. The 'Rock on Cargo Pants' I have to say are one of my favourtie pieces atm. The sculpted cuffs and highly detailed belt with key chain, along with the realistic tear look make these a pleasure to wear. The 'Comfort Jeans' are also made to the same high standard that comes with all of Shush's pieces and again are something that you will see me in ALOT. I really am a fan of jeans that fit in all the right places showing off our womanly curves and these pants fit perfectly. The 'Oversized Bf Shirt' that I have shown before in purple which Shush have at the SOL Fair again comes in a range of rich yummy colours with additional sculpted collar, sleeves, skirt and shoulder straps to prevent that flat painted on look. The 'Open Tank' comes with a selection of different options which is always a bonus in my book. Avy has a talent for using textures in all the right places to give that 'creased' look giving all her pieces depth and a more realistic feel to them. Suck at resizing like me ? then worry no more all of Shush's pieces come with resize scripts to make life easy for us. So before I end up like my friend Mr Skeleton heres your Limo to take you down to Shush to check the store out

.:Shush:. - Rock on cargo pants, .:Shush:. - Summer top dark grey
.:Shush:. - Oversized bf shirt - Red

.:shush:. - Comfort ripped jeans pale, .:shush:. - tank open 2 versions grey blue
.:shush:. - Comfort ripped jeans pale, .:Shush:. - Summer top white
.:Shush:. Rock on cargo pants, .:Shush:. Summer top very pink

~Additional Style Info~

Skin - -Belleza- Elle Dark Deep Tan (cleavage)
Hair - (Pics 1,2& 5) - >TRUTH< Enix - chocolate (Pics 3&4) - >TRUTH< Aradhana - cocoa
Eyes - ::UH:: - Frozen eye
Shoes - (Pics 1&5) - ::Duh!:: Women's Sneaker Boots - Black Out (Pic 2) - Stiletto Moody Bare Ava Gold (Black), (Pic 4) Stiletto Moody Bare Lana (Anniversary)
Mouth beads - [Acide!] - Dark perly kiss
Tats -::Para Designs:: - Wild Flower
Bangles -Izzie's - Wood Bangles - Black

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