Friday, July 23, 2010

Parading in 'Plastik'

Yes Im having yet another 'Man Moment' yikes I got some very weird looks taking these pics, guess a guy called Kierra isnt really very manly is it hehe. Anyway Plastik have done it yet again and released another stunning design for all the guys out there. With nice clothes few and fair between for you poor guys in SL, Aikea Rieko owner of Plastik has released the 'Kuhra Tanks'. With a choice of 6 rich colours to choose from 'Kuhra' is the perfect addition to any males wardrobe. As always created to the highest of standards that will find with all of Aikea's pieces this is a worthy addition to any wardrobe. So before I get anymore strange looks heres your limo to head on down to Plastik to check out the fantastic creations on offer...

Left -Kuhra - Noir/Babe, Right - Kuhra - Noir/Blood
Left -Kuhra -Night, Right - Kuhra - Essence
Left - Kuhra -Heartache/Stone, Right - Kuhra - Construct

~Additional Style Info~

Skin - Abyss
Hair - TRUTH< Eric (Newest Release)
Eyes - Plastik - Frozen Soul
Jeans - Plastik - Jeans - Male
Tats - Plastik - Voices - Faded
Armlets - Plastik - Leo Warmer

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