Tuesday, July 27, 2010

High Style from 'House of Fox'

Pic 1: HouseofFox :: Edgy Tutu
Pic 2: HouseofFox :: ModernAge
Pic 3:  HouseofFox :: VintageJumper
Pic 4: HouseofFox  [AngynessHeels - Black]

I was checking out the new Rumour Sim, which I LOVE, when I came across House of Fox. I was immediately drawn to their awesome selection of progressive and unique designs. Yes, I love a lot of the "mainstream trends" that SL and RL are saturated with, but it refreshing to see a group of designers creating trends, not following them. House of Fox does exactly this and is made up of a few uber creative designers, who are doing their own thing very well. I was lucky enough to speak to Fashionboi Landar, one of the fierce designers behinds 'H.O.F', and even luckier to receive some of his pieces to review. Thank you Fashionboi! Once again, I see a small resemblance to Jean-Paul Gaultier in Fashionboi's designs, like the use of lingerie as outerwear and asymmetrical prims, which are more like works of art than just plain fashion.
In the first picture, I am wearing the 'Edgy Tutu'. I simply adore this piece! I just love generous layering of delicate tulle contrasted by the thick leather jacket. Unfortunately, thanks to an SL lighting glitch, the white texture seems to look a bit more like satin here. But it actually is a very sleek and soft leathery fabric. The lace bra is finishing touch touch on this already incredible piece. Fashionboi has an exceptional eye for detail and the prim work is superb. He really has a feel for what women love and I definitely did not want to take off this tutu. I felt like I was kid again, when I got my first tutu and insisted on sleeping in it.
In the second picture, Fashionboi has me looking incredible and in charge, in his 'ModernAge' number. The silver studded leather corset mixed with the ultra sheer skirt makes me feel like I should be strutting down the runways in 'Byrant Park' at fashion week. Once again, Fashionboi manifests his creative vision into virtual form, not overlooking the slightest detail.
In the third and last picture, I am sporting this fabulous 'VintageJumper'. The lace texturing is divine! And Fashionboi's prim work on the sculpted cuffs are seamless, allowing for a perfect fit. I paired this with the 'AngynessHeels', which are my new favorite ankle boots. The leather fabric is so smooth and yummy! And I love how it is adorned with silver buckles and adeptly places laces. These shoes can't help but make you look a feel HAWT. Ok, enough of my blabbering, get your cute pixilateed butt down to House of Fox and check Fashionboi's designs in person. The limo is waiting: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Liberty/88/177/22

~Additional Style Info ~

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Caramel - Past Stumblebum Exclusive
Hair: booN ZGO223 hair blonde
Jewelry (pic 1 & 2): ZC : kaya onyx *silver*
Necklace (pic 3): -=UZURI=- Mwezi Necklace
Earrings (pic 3):  -=UZURI=- Mwezi Ear Rings
Bracelets (pic 3): -= UZURI =- Nahla Bracelet (monochrome)
Toe Shoes (pic 1): SLink Paloma Point Ballet Slipper Silver
Leather Jacket (Pic 3): AOHARU_NoCollarLeatherJK_Black
Bodysuit Bottom (pic 2): -Glam Affair - Delia
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen eye (free gift)
Lashes: [ glow ] studio - Vingue - eyeliner A

Poses: *EverGlow*, VIVAPOSES, SLink

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