Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer of Love Contd ....

Yet more sneek peeks from the Summer of Love Fair...not long to go till its open to all so keep watching for more information

As I have said before I really am into the casual look and its unusual to see me in dresses as Im usually always in a pair of jeans or shorts much to Lila's dismay :P Avy Fhang owner of Shush has some yumminess up for grabs for the Fair and so I stripped off my jeans and into heels I slipped to show the goodies on offer from Shush for the SOL. The mini skirt comes with a highly detail prim belt that thankfully has a resize scripts as Im so bad at resizing and it needed a few minor tweaks to fit my wider hips. The In The Wind top is sexy but yet again doesnt show everything therefore preventing that 'slutty' look. The Oversized bf Shirt again has that sexy appeal without crossing into the 'slutty' look and comes in a rich purple shade that I really liked. Avy has a store full of goodies so while your waiting for the fair to open why not pop along to Shush and take alot for yourself. As always your Limo awaits
.:Shush:. - Top - In the wind - Purple, Skirt - Mini Jean Skirt , Tat - Crazy, Kiss Me & Rockstar
Bangles - HELLO DAVE - Cowry shell cuff - brown
.:Shush:. - Oversized bf tshirt
Bangles - HELLO DAVE - Cowry shell cuff - brown

Ok what can I say other than I LOVE THESE SHOES that are on offer at the fair from Muted. The ribbon to the ankle give these a ballerina feel and I felt like I should be pirouetting around the room in them. The shorts and top set are also available at the fair and are yet another worthy addition to any summer wardrobe. So yet again while your waiting for the Fair to open why not pop along to Muted and check out what other yumminess is on got it heres it is your chauffeur driven limo
[Muted] - B&B Shorts & Top set, queen stiletto's (ultra yummy shoes)
Bangles - HELLO DAVE - Cowry shell cuff - brown

~Additional Style Info~

Skin --Belleza- Jesse Deep tan 4 (cleavage)
Eyes - Tuli - Gem eyes - Emerald
Hair -(Pic 1&2) >TRUTH< Nora - chocolate, (pic 3) >TRUTH< Aradhana - blueberry
Shoes -(Pic 1 & 2) Stiletto Moody - Bare Ava Gold (Black)
Flower Lights - SHAG - Summer Of Love String Lights (Available at the fair)

Poses - aDORKable poses, LAP

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