Thursday, July 29, 2010

Irresistible New Skin and Hair from IrEn!

Pic 1: ::::IrEn:::: -  :::::Shane::::_update (clockwise from the upper left corner): pearl_everyday, pearl_pink lady, pearl_smokey, tan_base, tan_blackish_gloss, tan_orange
Pic 2: ::::IrEn:::: - :::::Shane::::_update (clockwise from the upper left corner): dark tan_blackish_gloss, dark tan_evening_gloss, glow_groupgift, chocolate_base, chocolate_smokey, glow_groupgift_2
Pic 3: ::::IrEn::::::::Shane::::_update _ dark tan_blackish_gloss w/ ::::Layla_2:::: blond & ::::Shane::::_update_chocolate_smokey w/ ::::Layla:::: charcoal
Pic 4: ::::IrEn:::: ::::Layla_2:::: blond & ::::Layla_2:::: auburn
Pic 5: ::::IrEn:::: ::::Layla:::: charcoal & ::::Layla:::: platinplus
Pic 6: ::::IrEn::::::::Layla_3:::: dirty & ::::Layla_3:::: ginger
Pic 7: ::::IrEn::::::::Shane::::_update -glow (groupgift_2) & ::::Midnight Layla:::: dirty_red tipped (MM board prize w/ IrEn Group membership)

Wow! IrEn has some amazing new skin and hair releases. Irischka Hotshot gave Shane a bit make-over due to customer demand. She made some minor, but incredible, tweaks to the face and body. I just love the natural look and subtle make-ups that Shane has. Her look is youthful with cute bits of freckles and luscious pouty lips. Irischka's carefully placed highlights on the collar bone and tummy, give Shane that extra bit of realism we love so much. Her stomach is taut, but not overly muscular, which is just the way I like it. And I just adore the belly button! Shane comes in 5 gorgeous tones (chocolate, dark tan, tan, glow and pearl) and 6 different make-ups ( blackish, orange, smokey, base, pink lady, everyday, evening and cry). You also get a choice of boobs together and freckles. Now, if you are an IrEn group member, you can receive a special edition of Shane, which is pictured up above. The group membership fee is $180L and well worth every penny. How often can you grab an amazing skin for that price, not to mention all 5 skin tones and 2 make-up options. Plus, IrEn has several other generous gifts just for group members.
Now enough about Shane, because we also have Layla. This is one of Irischka's latest hairstyles, which comes in 3 different styles. Layla is a short one-sided braid. Layla_2 is a much longer version of the one-sided braid. And Layla_3 is more traditional with both sides braided. Irischka outdid herself by placing exceptional highlights throughout Layla's hair and giving her a flirty side-swept bang. Simply fabulous! Layla comes 6 single color packs for $100L or a fatpack for $250L. Now, once again, if you join IrEn's group, you are eligible to slap the MM board for an exclusive version of Layla that has dirty blond hair and red tips. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry down to IrEn and check out all the goodies the Irischka has waiting for you. And, don't forget to join IrEn's group for some great deals as well. The limo is waiting:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Lingerie (pic 3): - Glam Affair - Carol
Necklace: -=UZURI=- Mwezi Necklace
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Shanti Dark-Ecru
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen eye (free gift)

Poses: *EverGlow*

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