Saturday, July 24, 2010

All Dressed Up in 'AlaFolie'

Lila (Left): AlaFolie - EBENE robe
Kierra (Right): AlaFolie - Etamine

Lila (Left): AlaFolie - ROSA
Kierra (Right): AlaFolie -Floralie

Lila (Left): AlaFolie - Laura
Kierra (Right): AlaFolie
-Carmen Baby

"Wow" is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of AlaFolie. pixivor Allen's designs are simply divine. Her use of texture and prims are on a whole other level. I am truly amazed and almost speechless. It's very rare to find me without anything to say but, "wow". In the top picture, Kierra is takes me back to the "roaring 20's", while wearing pixivor's "Etamine" dress. I am wearing the "Ebane" dress, but I wouldn't say this is exactly reminiscent of the 20s. *LOL* However, both dresses have brilliantly hand drawn ruching around the bustline and an "a-line" shape. I am in awe with pixivor's expert prim work! The tassels on Kierra's dress move and sway so naturally. My dress has gorgeous ultra thin 'tulle-like" layer over a more sumptuous and silky fabric.These two dresses can make anyone woman feel like a princess.
In the second picture, Kierra is sporting the "Floralie" dress and I am wearing the "Rosa" dress. These super smart numbers have delicate straps, a heart-shaped neckline and are draped in their own rich floral pattern. Kierra's dress is a silky texture trimmed with gorgeous antique lace. Her outfit even comes with shoes to match! Who doesn't love that? My dress is more of a satin with a nice black trim. pixivor's hand drawn pleats and shadow detail are flawless. Once again, pixivor impresses me with her lovely sculpted skirts. I also must mention that these dresses fit me to a "T"! Not one edit needed! Usually, the prims are very fussy on this type of dress, but pixivor managed to find a way around this problem. She never ceases to impress me.
In the third and last picture, Kierra is wearing the "Carmen Baby" gown and I am donning the "Laura" gown. You have got to love the tantalizing red and lush textures that make up Kierra's beautiful dress. pixivor really went all out when she created the "Laura" dress. OMG! The vibrant floral pallet and delicate bustline are simply stunning. The intricate detailing on the empire waist is to die for and the adeptly sculpted prim skirt is ethereal. "Laura" also comes with the headband, earrings, necklace, bracelet and shoes! pixivor did everything for me! Styling like this is perfect for people like me, who have way too huge wardrobes, but can never find the right accessories to wear. *LOL* pixivor made things simple and easy, by creating it all for me in one gorgeous package.
pixivor's talent just blows me away. Her creations are priceless works of art that can make any woman fee special. I sincerely urge you to hurry down to AlaFolie now and see her masterpieces. As usual, I sent a limo:

~Additional Style Info~

Kierra -

Skin -(pic1) - Atomic - Faith, Caramel (VIP Gift), (Pics 2&3) -Belleza- Elle BR Tan (cleavage) Group Gift
Hair -(Pic1) - Clawtooth - Louise Brooks - Softest Black (Pics 2&3) - LollipopZ - Gothic Romance
Eyes - :: Exodi :: - Zbilja v2.0 - Deep Ocean Blue
Jewelry -(Pic1) - Shiny Things - Everyday Gems - Moonstone, (Pics 2&3) - La Forgia - Thalia
Hair Flower - Happy Finds - Rose Headband
Shoes - (pic1) - *GF* - Platform Shoes - Rosette


Skin: LAQ ~ Martina - 03 [Nougat] Glow skin
Hair: fri. - Allison - Delighted Blond
Jewelry Set (Pic 1&2): ZC : kaya onyx *silver*
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Esprit Black
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen eye(free gift)
Lashes: TF - SweptAway

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