Sunday, June 5, 2011

Awesome Neweness from Grixdale, >TRUTH< & IZZIE's

Whew! There are a ton of fabulous new releases this weekend. And, some of these releases are even on sale until 11:59 SLT this evening. First of all, we have two extremely gorgeous new hair styles, from stylist Truth Hawks. We have a long, wavy and very sexy style, called 'Leilani'. And then there is a lovely updo, which is named 'Kalia'. Both style come with 3 different tropical flowers with 2 separate attachment points that you can wear. These two styles just SCREAM Summer and are definite must for your hair wardrobe! Here is your limo to TRUTH
We also have 2 new releases from Grixdale's skin line. They are the two latest skin, 'Teagan' and 'Ren', in a new make-up shade called 'Sparrow'. They are both seriously stunning! Tyr Rozenblum never disappoints with her skin. She is a true artist in this area. Both aforementioned lines and color, are on sale for just $75L for Lazy Sunday. They come with or without a cleavage option, two brow colors and two hairbases. This is definitely an extraordinary deal. So hurry-up and get your butt down to Grixdale and pick these up before they are gone! Here is your limo to Grixdale

TRUTH Leilani Streaked - fudge & Grixdale - Ren - Honey - Sparrow
TRUTH Leilani Streaked - fudge & Grixdale - Ren - Honey - Sparrow- BRTRUTH  Kalia - dune & Grixdale - Teagan 2 - Honey - Sparrow - BL
 TRUTH Kalia - dune & Grixdale - Teagan 2 - Honey - Sparrow - BL

Izzie Button also has two Summer essentials on sale for TOSL. She has her 'Lace-up Bikini' in solids and prints. She also has her super cute 'Beach Shorts' on sale as well. Once again, time is running out, so you better hurry on down to IZZIE's, since you do not want to miss out on these amazing pieces. Here is your limo to IZZIE'S

TRUTH Leilani Streaked - fudge & Grixdale - Ren - Honey - Sparrow & Izzie's - Bikini snake brown
Izzie's - Lace-up Bikini snake brown
TRUTH  Kalia - dune & Grixdale - Teagan 2 - Honey - Sparrow - BL & Izzie's - Beach Shorts pink-blue
Izzie's - Beach Shorts pink/blue (shadow) & Lace-up Bikini Blue

~ Additional Style Info ~

Look 1 -
Necklace: ZC : Parnini Necklace *amber* by Zaara Kohime 
Bangles: ZC : Patra gold bracelet *amber* by Zaara Kohime 
Look 2 -
Bangle L: SIGMA Jewels/ Janish bangles (sea) by Sofi Trenkins 
Bracelet R: Izzie's - Pearl Bracelet pink blue
Tote: *COCO*_Gift_ClearToteBag-Pink By Cocoro Lemon
Sandals: [PM]] Fae Wedge [C] - LF - Pink White Plaid (Group Gift for member before 5/30/11) by Tya Fallingbridge


  1. aww! beautiful post and beautiful beach, I could pass the landmark of the beach?
    xoxo <3

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  3. I haven't forgotten about you! Silly me, forget to grab the LM to the location and I am still trying to find it or at least remember the name :P Esp, since I want to go back there too! So, pls keep checking back for it ^^