Thursday, June 16, 2011

The World According to GAIA

Skin designer extraordinaire, Hart Larsson of [PXL], has created a relatively new skin line called, 'GAIA'. Now, I am sure have seen, if not heard, about it already. However, I figured GAIA deserved another showing. Hart really outdid himself when he created GAIA. I can't get over the realism and natural beauty that makes up this amazing skin and I have not found one shape that does not look divine while wearing GAIA as well. She has the most perfectly drawn lips and adeptly rendered body. I love how her body is nicely toned, but not overly muscular. Plus, what I really love the most about GAIA, is how Hart created the most realistic looking freckle option for the face and body. Most skins that I have tried, usually have very light or very dark freckles. These are done just right! And speaking of options, well GAIA has them! First you have several skin bases to pick from: freckles, no freckles,3 different cleavages, 3 different brow options and 3 different hairbase options. Mind you, all these come in a million different combination to suit any taste. Then there are tattoo layers! This is a time when I wished I used Viewer 2, but I don't, so you will have to  bear with me. There are 15 shadow and 11 lips tattoos. There is also a hairbase tattoo and buzzed hairbase tatt. So, as you can see, the wear options are endless! GAIA aslo comes in 6 gorgeous skin tones, whose colors are on point! I have never seen such accurately rendered skin colors. Hart is truly a genius and has definitely won me over. So, if you haven't tried GAIA yet, get your cute pixilated butt down to [PXL] now! Here is your limo to [PXL]

PXL GAIA SK - Bronze Cherry Copper Cyclamen Dark

PXL GAIA SK - Pale Passion Pink Red Rose

PXL GAIA SK - Aqua Bouduoir Bubblegum Green
PXL GAIA SK - Grey, Peal, Simple SunSet Eyes

PXL GAIA SK WineLips Portrait
[PXL] GAIA SK CE MEB C2 with Wine Lip Tattoo
[PXL] GAIA Skin Tones
[PXL] GAIA Skin Tones - Dark, Tan, Light Tan, Sun Kissed, Natural & Pale
PXL GAIA SK CE MEB C2 with Passion Lips
[PXL] GAIA SK CE MEB C2 with Passion Lip Tattoo
[PXL] GAIA SK NE LEB C1 FR with Full Body Frek
[PXL] GAIA SK NE LEB C1 FR with Full Body Freckle Tattoo
PXL GAIA SK CE MEB C2 with Siena Eyes
[PXL] GAIA SK CE MEB C2 with Siena Eyes Tattoo

~ Additional Style Info ~

Hair: [LeLutka]-SJ hair - IdontBleach by Thora Charron
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey (M) by Ikon Innovia
Lingerie: *BOOM* I Promise Lace trim bra & panties (nude and cream) by Aranel Ah
Necklace: ZC : Parnini Necklace *Clear* by Zaara Kohime 
Shoes:Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Nude by Mikee Mokeev


  1. Amazing review Lila! Love your pictures, you look absolutely beautiful in this skin!

  2. Aww! Thank you so much, Kaelyn and Lisa. I am so happy you liked the way it came out <3