Tuesday, August 31, 2010

you are the only exception

Grass Lurker

Long time no blog! So recently my SL mom has been dressing up like a faun and I've fallen in absolute love with her avatar. Being her daughter I felt compelled to play a little dress up as well. So recently with all the faun things being blogged, naturally I figure I'll add my own two sense in as well. Also an excuse to take cute pictures, yay!

Thanks to my once again, addiction to Plastik, this dress just went perfectly with my overall look. The dress featured in this picture is [Plastik]-Prayer-Black. The details on this dress are absolutely incredibly and awe-inspiring. There is so much care to each string wrapped around the waist and as usual to Plastik's standards an absolutely beautiful creation as always. I also paired the dress with [Plastik]-LipstickMuse-Black gloves for a final touch. The gloves are a bargain and come with three different types of cloves! The version I'm wearing is the "Lace" version, there is also plain and strings. Once again the quality of these gloves are always to the high standards of all Plastik products. I absolutely adore them and can be paired nicely to multiple outfits to complete a perfect look.

As for my faun horns, hooves & the ears, I was introduced to a store called - V i s a v i - Not only do they have a great selection of quality faun accessories but also amazing piercings, ears, poses and many other things. The faun set I'm wearing is called- V - Shadow Faun. The piercings are - V - Solaris Pierving and the ears are - V - Epigon Ears / Chained. The detailing and textures on all of these items, especially the horns and the hooves are amazing quality and perfect if you are interested in turning faun in SL! I highly recommend this store for it's great prices and quality.

Faun in Sunset

Additional Styling info:
pose - Olive Juice- Sittin' Pretty - How's my makeup?
hair - Truth - Roxana Streaked - champagne
faun set - - V i s a v i - - - V - Shadow Faun / LeatherBound
ears - - V i s a v i - - - V - Epigon Ears / Chained
piercings - - V i s a v i - - - V - Solaris Piericing
dress - Plastik - Prayer-Black
gloves - Plastik - LipstickMuse-Black

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