Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mad about MonS

-MonS- Outfit "Amanda" *Red,  "Amanda" *Blue & "Amanda" *Purple (Includes top and leggings)
-MonS- Outfit "Monica" *Black, "Monica" *Blue & "Monica" *Green (Includes top and mini skirt)
-MonS- Outfits "Raks" *Brown, "Raks" *Green &  "Raks" *Red (Includes top and jeans)

Ekilem Melodie just came out with three brilliant new outfits that go by the name of  "Amanda", "Monica" and "Raks". All the three of these ladies are equally bold and amazing in their own unique way. We have "Amanda" who is a bit 80s retro with her bold colors and zebra print. The geometrical cut outs in the tube top and legging also give her an en extra 80s feel. However, Ekilem manages to give "Amanda" a progressive twist with her crafty scuplts on the leggings, as well as the super low rise waist, which I adore. 
Then there is "Monika". "Monika" is covered in rich jewel tones mixed with delirious patterns. Ekilem's amazing eye for detail is mad apparent by her expert highlighting and shadowing on this gorgeous low cut tank. She pairs it nicely with a tiny mini that matches the patten on the top. This is one outfit you can not go wrong with. 
And last, but certainly not least, we have "Raks". "Raks" is sexy and sassy and hugs the curves of my body in all the right ways. As do her other two companions. Once again, Ekilem combines rich textures with intricate patterns, making one incredible top. By the way this top comes with 2 wear options which is always a bonus. The capri jeans are perfectly shredded and have an "oh so" low rise that shows the perfect amount of booty,. Ekilem has a knack for designing outfits that show just enough skin without looking slutty. This is not an easy feat, but Ekilem pulls it off gracefully and with tons of style. Anyway, enough of my babbling. These are three fabulous outfits that you should definitely see for yourself. So, I highly suggest that you get your cute pixilated butt down to MonS now. Plus, Ekilem also has a fantastic array of skins, shoes and jewelry as well, I sent you a limo to take you there:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Faith_Caramel - Spicey 1
Hair: fri. - Tatum.2 - Delighted Blond
Necklace (pic 1): [glow] Studio Silver Trance necklace
Bangles R (pic 1&2):  [} Jasha {] Tahata Bangles - (Black)
Bangles L (pic 1&2):  [} Jasha {]Spring Bangles - (Black)
Earrings (pic 1 &2): [glow] Pure Rain Earrings
Necklace (pic 2): SUGGESTIVE -Necklace- [BLACK]
Necklace (pic 3): ZC : Karmuka necklace *wood gold*
Bangles R (pic 3): -MonS- ApriL Group gift^^
Bangles L (pic 3): [} Jasha {] Spring Bangles - Left - Color Mix (Brown - Beige)
Earrings (pic 3): ZC : Sarayi wood hoops *gold*
Shoes (pic 1 & 2): SLink Aveela Stiletto  Black
Shoes (pic 3): SLink Aveela Stiletto  Chocolate
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen eye (gift07-M-Type:A)

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