Friday, August 20, 2010


Hello everyone! This is Ruth! If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, well.....I really hope you haven't, because I do just about every other log in. *LOL* Anyway, here she is......



  1. OMG! It happens to me too.
    Now I'm not

  2. I've been around over three years now, and thought I had my share of being ruthed. I've only been ruthed once since the white mist came into being. If every other time I logged in I was ruthed, I'd probably quit. You show great stick-to-itiveness!

    Perhaps you should rename it "lag in"

  3. *LOL* "Lag In" Good word for it! I haven't even been in SL for one year and I think I made up for each year since SL has been around. *LOL* I thought "Ruth" was just a scary myth that was turned into a innocuous "white mist". Well, I guess she has made a vengeful return. There supposedly is bug, which is causing this that is mixed in with the server asset upgrade. IDK if it s exclusive to 'Emerald' viewer uses or all. Anyway, *finds dome wood to knock on*, things have seemed to calm down a bit.
    catiuzeybo , it's also nice to know I am not alone. *LOL*