Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nothing But The TRUTH

TRUTH Midori - Tahiti & Midori Streaked - Strawberry (with light blond steeaks)
TRUTH Trinity - Mahogany & Trinity - Coffee
TRUTH Kami - Chocolate & Kami Streaked - Java (with light blond steeaks)

How does he does do it? Truth Hawks always manages to come up with the most inventive and cutting edge styles. And this is not just once in awhile, it's every single week! Just when I think he has created every single possible "do", Truth manages to design something even more unique and original. What I love most about Truth's designs, are his signature hair textures. They are whispy, soft and have an extra dimension of realism that most of us desire.The prim strands have just enough flex to make the hair look life-like, but not over done. You know, that  limp and greasy look. Well, you will not find this with Truth's hair. This week it was so hard to pick a favorite style, since they are all absolutely gorgeous. All three styles are deliciously feminine and romantic in their own special way. We have 'Midori', which is fabulous "up do" with soft curly tendrils, falling gracefully around the face and neck. I have been looking for that perfect "up-do' to go with my vast array of gowns and I think this is definitely it! Plus, you have got to love the fact that it also comes in a streaked version. For someone who is  "highlight obsessed" in RL, it makes this style that much more irresistible.  There are 26 colors to choose from with the streaked versions, so the options are limitless.
Now there is 'Trinity'. I just can't get enough of her long flowing locks that are carefully secured with a lovely braid. The strands have the perfect amount curl that are adeptly mixed with long layers to complete the look.This style is definitely ideal for all my summer dresses and more 'boho' looks. However, this is one design that is timeless and goes with just about anything.
Last and certainly not least, there is 'Kami'. 'Kami's' look is a bit more progressive and definite a must have! I love her "side-swept" bangs and "not-too-straight" strands. Her hair is expertly looped into high yet loose ponytail, which ensures an uber cool look. Once again, Truth gave 'Kami' the streaking option that I like so much. Anyway, I will stop my rambling so you can get down to TRUTH and see for yourself. I sent a heavily air conditioned limo to take you there:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: -Belleza- Alyson SK 7 (cleavage)
Earrings: -= UZURI =- Ebony Drops Ear Rings
Necklace: -= UZURI =- Coco Necklace
Dress: Armidi Limited - Keiko Tunic Dress [Black]
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen eye (gift07-M-Type:A)
Poses: *EverGlow*

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