Saturday, November 20, 2010

New from TRUTH

I am just getting over being really sick, so this post will be a bit short and sweet. However, I do want say that I was super impressed by Truth Hawk's releases this week. Yes, I always love his new releases, but Truth really went all out this week. We have a lovely 'updo'  called 'Bonnie' and an ultra chic 'partial updo', named 'Sonya'. And of course, I couldn't forget about his two fabulous new long hair styles, called Francesca, who come is 2 slightly different versions. Like most of Truth's latest releases, all styles come in a standard version and a streaked version with 63 colors to choose from. You have got to love that! And since I know you will want to run down to TRUTH to try on these demos, I sent you a limo:

TRUTH Bonnie - Honey & Bonnie Streaked - Macaroon
TRUTH Francesca 2 - Toffee & Francesca 2 - Carob
TRUTH Francesca - Honey & Francesca Streaked - Sand
TRUTH Sonya - Champagne & Sonya Streaked - Fudge

~Additional Style Info~

I will b creating a style card shortly. My head is still killing me at the moment, so until then, feel free to send me and IM or NC 'inworld' to ask about any style information.

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