Friday, November 5, 2010


What a crazy week! Is it just me or is SL completely borked? I have been having issues taking pics in areas that are not, for the most part, completely empty and prims just do not want to attach to my avi, It's was bad enough when things like this would happen before I started blogging, but now this just can't happen! Anyway, what can you do? Clear cache, reboot and pray (not necessarily in that order). On a much lighter and happier note, Truth Hawks has, yet again, released some awesome new hair styles, which includes another new style men. And, since I haven't made a male avi just yet, I have turned 'Liam' into a unisex style. I have never been one for really short hair, at least on myself, in RL and SL. It always looks great on others, but I never feel completely comfortable wearing it. I have seen 'Liam' on other avis and think this style is amazing. So, I figured I would give it another shot and you can let me know what you think.

TRUTH Liam - Fudge & Liam Streaked Sandlewood

Besides 'Liam', we have three new styles for women. First we have 'Madeline', because she is my favorite style week. It's always very difficult to pick a favorite 'do' and sometimes I honestly can not. However, I love 'Madeline's' soft look and loosely wrapped side chignon. I also made a point this week of trying to show many of Truth's new hair colors, which are absolutely yummy!

TRUTH Madeline - carob & Madeline Streaked - macaroon

Then we have 'Nina', who feels a bit 80's retro to me. Her hair is full and edgy, much like the styles one would see around the early to mid 80s. Of course, Truth reinvents this look with a much more  progressive twist, making 'Nina' absolutely  irresistible. Plus, like all the other new releases, she comes with standard version and streaked version with 63 colors/ textures to choose from. I have been going nuts with streaked version! I mean, 63 colors to choose from is A LOT and way too much fun to play with.

TRUTH  Nina - carrot & Nina Streaked - clove

And last, but definitely not least, we have 'Chantelle'. 'Chantelle' is simply adorable with a partial 'updo', leaving lots of room for her perfectly wavy hair to fall. Truth designs this style in such a way that it frames the face very nicely. A 'must have' addition to one's hair inventory.

TRUTH Chantelle - sand & Chantelle Streaked - honey

 I know you are just dying to get down to TRUTH and check-out some of these demos. So, as usual, I sent you a limo to take you there:

~Additional Style Info~

Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 - 02 & 09 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyes: ::UH:: GemStone eye G04 (free gift)
Sweater: aDiva couture Tyler Sweater Brown

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