Friday, May 31, 2013

{ what next) for RFL Home & Garden Expo!

I know this set looks familiar if you read my previous post, 'Poppies'. As promised, I created a post to focus on the set, which is part of an incredible event and cause - The 6th Annual SL Home and Garden Expo! Not all items in the post are part of the event, just the Garden Cafe Tables from Winter Thorn and FrankLee Anatra of {what next}. However, I suggest checking out all the other beautiful elements as well.

what next Garden Cafe Table (pink-green) for RFL Home and Garden Expo - 1

The The 'Garden Cafe Table & Chairs' are exquisitely rendered and definitely Summer home must have! There are 7 sets of Garden Cafe Tables to choose from at the Expo. The blue and green versions are 100% donation items that go to Relay For Life!

what next Garden Cafe Table (pink-green) for RFL Home and Garden Expo - 2

 As always, Winter Thorn and FrankLee Anatra make the most lovely creations. They have an amazing eye for detail (ie,the Garden Cafe Lemonade Table in the below),which makes them some of my most beloved home decor creators on the grid. Trust me, you will want one set in every color! Plus, you must see all the other incredible items to be found at this venue. This is one event with an amazing cause, as well as stunning creations, that you HAVE to go check-out!

what next Garden Cafe LemonadeTable

Here is your LM:
 {what next} @ RFL Home & Garden Expo
For more information abot RFL Home & Garden Expo, go HERE
Location: My Home
~Decor Info~
Pergola:  floorplan. pergola / two-toned by Tegan Serin 
Table and Chairs: {what next} Garden Cafe Table (pink/green) by Winter Thorn  (avail @ RFL Home & Garden Expo)
Lemonade Table: {what next} Garden Cafe Lemonade Table by FrankLee Anatra (NEW)
Picnic Tins: {what next} Picnic Tin Stack Decor by Winter Thorn
Bike: {what next} Bicycle Decor (Girls) by FrankLee Anatra (NEW)
Shed:  PILOT - Garden Shed by  Kaz Nayar (avail @ C88)
Trees: HPMD* by Sasaya Kayo

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