Monday, May 6, 2013

Last Few Hours of April Cycle of Collabor88!

I am going to make this post super quick, since the hours are counting down until Collabor88 closes. I would love to go into my normal detail about the creations I am showing, but I just do not have time. I hope you understand. Obviously, all the creations are amazing and beautifully rendered, or I would not show them. LOL! So, please RUN and grab anything you think you may have missed! Here is your LM:


c88 for april Scarlet Creative Windmill by Charlotte Bartlett Front and Back

c88 for april Scarlet Creative Windmill by Charlotte Bartlett & ba retro living room set -Blue - Both Sides

c88 for april floorplan kitsch & CP

~Decor Info~
Pic 1-
Build: {sa} Scarlet Creative Windmill by Charlotte Bartlett (avail @ C88)
Bench: Trompe Loeil  - Thrift Shop Outdoor Bench Natural by Cory Edo (avail @ C88)
Pic 2 -
Living Room Set (Sofa, Chaise, End Table, Coffe Table, Rug, Plants, Tray with Book, Lamp):  [ba] Retro living room set - Blue by Barnesworth Anubis (avail @ C88)
Clock: {what next} Beach Hut Clock by Winter Thorn (NEW)
Pic 3 -
Loveseat: floorplan.  kitsch loveseat w/ pillows / blue by Tegan Serin (avail @ C88)
Plates 1: floorplan. kitsch wall plates by Tegan Serin (avail @ C88)
Plates: floorplan. dolores kitten plates by Tegan Serin (avail @ C88)
Buffet table: floorplan. retro buffet table by Tegan Serin (avail @ C88)
Tray with Tea: LISP - Mesh - Charlotte Home Lemon Tea Tray by Pandora Popstar (NEW)
Curtains: floorplan. catty curtains by Tegan Serin (avail @ C88)
Easel: :CP: Simple Easel - SunFlare by Isla Gealach (NEW)
Rug: :CP: Mainstream Rug  by Isla Gealach
Wine Cabinet: :CP: Burnby Wine Cabinet - Natural by Isla Gealach (NEW)
Telescope: LISP - Mesh - Kepler Telescope - tex change touch middle -Large
by Pandora Popstar
Pics: LISP - Mesh - Hubble Pics - Red by Pandora Popstar

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