Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am so sick of feeling crappy and am hoping for a speedy recovery. I figured I would start with a relatively easy post that just contained one image. However, nothing is ever fast or easy with me. LOL!, I tend to unnecessarily fuss over stupid things. I had this fabulous mesh 'Giant Dish Hat' that was created by Amberly Boccaccio of -Glam Affair-. In comes in a ton of stunning colors and is available at the L'Accessories event.
Speaking of -Glam Affair- goodness, I am wearing the beautiful new Margot skin, which was created by aida Ewing. It is a Collabor88 exclusive and comes in a choice 6 gorgeous make-ups, a ton of brow colors and also a 'clean' make-up option (which I am wearing). All the make-ups come in the America tone. It is not too dark and not too pale, so it should be a perfect skin tone for most. I really hope aida decides to create a whole line of this lovely skin. I was hoping to get this post up last night, before the Cosmetics Fair was over, but I failed :(. I chose to wear one of aida's amazing Margot full make-up tattoo's from this event for this post. However, you never know, she may decide to sell them in the -Glam Affair-  mainstore.
FINALLY! After much waiting, Kavar Cleanslate of Exile, just released a bunch of new hairstyles! This was a LONG awaited release and now we know why it took so long! It seems that Kavar was working on a new HUD system for his hair! There is a HUD for each color set (ie, dark blondes) and for each hair color (ie, Hollywood), there are 8 streaking options. You simply must try on a demo and see all the fabulous looks that you can create. I am wearing the gorgeous 'Desperately Wanting' hairstyle in the below image. However, due to the pose and camera angle, I was not able to show it off in a nice way. I ended up altering it with a ton of brushes in Photoshop, in order to give it a finished look. Especially since my glitchy avi was obstructing it's lovely flow. I will have to wear it in another image to show you just how awesome it is. In the meantime, you probably should just go try on demo and check-out all the great new releases!
Oh! I hope you can see the beautiful 'Perky Bowkerchief' from Aranel Ah of *BOOM*. It comes in every yummy color imaginable. There are 2 short styles, 2 long styles and 3 attachments points. It is indeed the perfect accessory to dress-up any outfit or no outfit at all, like below.
So, here are your LMs and I am going to collapse:


-Glam Affair- Giant Dish Hat and Margot Skin 'Clean' with Margot Tattoo Layer 02

~Style Info~
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes - Skyfall (M) by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.03 by Izzie Button
Skin: -Glam Affair-  Margot - America Clean - Light Brown by aida Ewing (avail @ C88)
Make-up Tattoo: -Glam Affair-  Margot Makeup 01 by aida Ewing (was @ Cosmetics Fair)
Hat: -Glam Affair-  Giant Dish Hat Black/Black by Amberly Boccaccio (avail @ L'Accessories)
Hair: :Exile:: Desperately Wanting:Hollywood - Dark Blondes by Kavar Cleanslate (NEW)
Bow: *BOOM* Perky Bowkerchief (spine) long -coal- by Aranel Ah (NEW)
Pose: *EverGlow* - Puff by Fanny Willis

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