Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yellow Buttercup...

I have been a bit "under-the-weather", so I have been working on this post in bit and pieces over the last day. It should have been posted last night, but I had no energy to finish my last couple of pics or even attempt editing. *Laughs* Anyway, if you read my blog or know me, then you will also know that I have started to fall in love with bright colors. You know, like yellow, orange, etc... I am a native Manhattanite, who loves her black and neutral tones, when it comes to clothes. However, something crazy has been happening to me and I can't get enough of these brilliant shades. Now, this trend has not yet infiltrated my RL, except for bright splashes of colors found on choice accessories. But, I have definitely been living out this obsession in my SL. So, now that I have accrued so much yellow, I figured I would devote a post to it. You may want to wear your sunglasses, but I tried to tone it down. There are new and fairly new releases from my favorite designers. There are also some amazing finds from the 'The Seasons Hunt' and TDR mixed in too. With that said, please take a look at what I have put together....

\TSH The Secret Store - Beach Shorts & GizzA  Crepe Blouse
The Secret Store - Summer beach shorts - Lagoon by Maylee Oh & **GizzA** Crepe Blouse [Prairie - Lemon] by Giz Seorn
TSH The Secret Store - Beach Shorts & GizzA Crepe Blouse (Close)

TSH Vive9
.: vive9 :. Dakota Wrap Dress in Gold by Sanya Bilavio 
TSH Vive9 & Filthy Jolie 07 Fair
:Filthy: Jolie . Fair . 06 by Alexandra Barcelos
CHANTKARE Fruit Loom (Close)

~ Style Info ~

Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey (M) by Ikon Innovia
Poses: Bent! by Catherine Fairport
1st Look - 
Hair: [e] Other - Blonde 07 by Elika Tiramisu (NEW)
Skin: [Atomic] Lien Skin (DB)_Buff - TDR by Ivey Graves (Get this at TDR NOW)
Bangle R: LaGyo_Hula bangle by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Top: **GizzA** Crepe Blouse [Prairie - Lemon] by Giz Seorn
Shorts: The Secret Store - Summer beach shorts - Lagoon by Maylee Oh (The Seasons Hunt)
Sandals: [PM] Fae Wedge [A] - LF - Key Lime by Tya Fallingbridge
2nd Look -
Hair: [LeLutka]-LOOSE hair - Praline by Thora Charron (NEW)
Skin: :F: Jolie . Fair . 06 by Alexandra Barcelos (NEW)
Earrings: LaGyo_Carmen earring by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Necklace: ZC : Karmuka necklace *colored gold* by Zaara Kohime (NEW)
Bangle: LaGyo_Cocoa tropic bangle by Gyorgyna Larnia (The Seasons Hunt)
Corsage: LaGyo_Leilani corsage by Gyorgyna Larnia (Summer Gift)
Dress: .: vive9 :. Dakota Wrap Dress in Gold by Sanya Bilavio (The Seasons Hunt)
3rd Look -
Hair: [RA] Jane Hair - Brown Cocoa by Raspberry Aristocrat (NEW)
Skin:  :F: Jolie . Bronze . 04 by Alexandra Barcelos (NEW)
Necklace: LaGyo_Melika necklace hibiscus red by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Bangle R: LaGyo_Hula bangle by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Bracelet L: LaGyo_Waves bangles by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Top: CHANTKARE FRUIT LOOM (Cherry Hat included) by Applonia Criss
Tote: elly::canvas.tote graphic.2 by Elly Naire (NEW)
Shorts:  [LeLutka]-SoHo shorts/vanilla by Thora Charron
Shoes:  Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Rosso by Mikee Mokeev

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