Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lucy In The Sky

I am still sooooooo behind! So many events, so little time! I had been in a bit of rut when it comes to ideas for my posts. I had this gorgeous, as well as brilliant, mesh 'E-Motion Dress' from Maylee Oh of The Secret Store, All of Maylee's creations are incredible, but this dress... Well, let's just say I was blown away. It has this gorgeous cumulus cloud design, which actually rotates within the dress! The dress is Designers United 5 event exclusive, so you should grab it before this event over on October 4th. I really wanted to come up with a great idea for this post, in order to show off just how wonderful it is .Unfortunately, static images can't show you it's beautiful animation details. Luckily, Nati Williams, who is one of my favorite bloggers and {Imeka!} pose maker, made a video featuring this dress and a couple other items from Designers United 5. If you want to see what I am talking about, please visit Nati's blog Inspire You Look HERE: . You should check-out Nati's blog anyway, because she is super talented and has such great style! Here is my first shot of the dress too:

The Secret Store - E-Motion Dress for DU5, Glam Affair - Lucy & Exil Sugar High for The Atticv3

I search of ideas for this post, I went to the Designers United 5 event. OMG! It is seriously AMAZING! The theme for this year's Designer United, is 'Surrealism'. The combination of an awesome theme, mixed with my favorites designers (almost all ), made for the most fabulous creations. It is needless for me to say that with the onset of mesh almost any idea is possible. I think I bought almost everything there. All the items there are exclusive ( reasonably priced too), which means that they will not be sold after the event is over. I know all events say their items are exclusive and then you see them in the designer's mainstore after it is over (which is great for bloggers who are behind). However, these items are truly unique event exclusives and you definitely do not want to miss the chance to buy them!

The Secret Store - E-Motion Dress - Clouds for DU5 , Exile::Sugar High & Glam Affair - Lucy - Europa -10A

The Trapeze Telephone Pole is a Designers United 5 exclusive from Nuwiggles. It can be used a pose prop or just decor for your home. I like using it for both. If you are a photographer, I really suggest buying this prop. It has been the source of  inspiration for so many great pictures. 
The uber cute Mochi Bunny that I am wearing was created by Anya Ohmai of !Ohmai for Designers United 5. The 'Mochi Bunnies' are actuality part of a set that comes with bunnies that you can wear and rez. Anya Ohmai always comes up with such a adorable and lovely ideas. 

Glam Affair - Lucy - Europa -10A & Exile Sugar High for The Attic

The skin that I am wearing is from one of the gorgeous news skin lines by aida Ewing of -Glam Affair-, called 'Lucy'. I am in LOVE with this skin! aida created such beautiful make-ups for Lucy and also tons of options! There are a total of 12 make-ups (as well as a bare make-up) that are available in 6 skin tones. Each make-up comes with 3 nose options (on a tattoo layer), a matte lip tattoo, 3 glossy lip tattoos, freckle tattoos, and 7 brow colors (embedded into the skin). This skin will fit just about any shape, so go and try on a demo ASAP!
Kavar Cleanslate of  :Exile::, created this seriously cute hair style for the Attic event. I love the whimsical girly feel to this hair, which also suits this dress perfectly! It comes with the texture change flowers that I am wearing too! I think tomorrow is the last day for this round of My Attic, so RUN and grab it!
My eye guy, Ikon Innovia came out with a new style of eyes for this round of the The Boutique! They are called 'Perspective Eyes' and are obviously stunning! They also come in just about every color imaginable. If you have not tried Ikon's eyes yet, I highly recommend that you do. I swear that you will never want to wear any other eyes again!
rockstarroo GossipGirl of [Atooly], created the adorable 'Lady Penguin Necklace' and the dainty 'Heart Charm Necklace' that I am wearing. You can find such charming accessories at [Atooly]. rockstarroo's jewelry works with just about any look, especially if you want something delicate, beautiful and understated. 
I think I covered almost everything. I hope I did, because I am running out words and my head is starting to hurt. LOL. Here  are your LMs and credits:

~Style Info~
Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Quicksilver  (ML) by Ikon Innovia  (avail @ The Boutique)
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur/touch me by Thora Charron
Hair: :Exile::Sugar High:Blondes by Kavar Cleanslate  (avail @ The Attic Event)
Skin: -Glam Affair- Lucy - America -10 A by aida Ewing (NEW)
Necklace 1: [Atooly] Lady Penguin Necklace - Mint by rockstarroo GossipGirl (NEW)
Necklace 2: [Atooly] Tiny Heart Necklace Silver - Lavender by rockstarroo GossipGirl (NEW)
Dress: The Secret Store - E-Motion Dress - Clouds by Maylee Oh (avail @ DU5)
Hand L: Slink (av) Elegant1 by Siddean Munro
Hand R: Slink (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
Hand Appliers: -Glam Affair- Slink Hands Skin Appliers (America) by aida Ewing
Bunnies: !Ohmai: Mochi Bunny (Pet Ver - Head) by Anya Ohmai (avail @ DU5)
Feet: Slink Med Mesh Feet (Av) Toes XXS by Siddean Munro
Feet Appliers: -Glam Affair- Slink Feet Skin Appliers (America) by aida Ewing
Pose 1: {what next} Balloon Love Pose Set - Single Pose 1 by Winter Thorn
Pose 2: Included with Nuwiggles. Trapaze Telephone Pole Pose Prop by suetabulous Yootz  (avail @ DU5)
Pose 3: Included with Nuwiggles. Trapaze Telephone Pole Pose Prop by suetabulous Yootz (I heavily modified this pose)  (avail @ DU5)
Telephone Pole: Nuwiggles. Trapaze Telephone Pole Pose Prop by suetabulous Yootz  (avail @ DU5)
Balloons: {what next} Balloon Love Pose Set  by Winter Thorn
Birds: HPMD* Little Birds (no script) -- sky blue -- type A by Sasaya Kayo
Trees:  HPMD*  Garden Tree05 - brown 2A+2B by Sasaya Kayo

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