Friday, April 22, 2011

LOTD - 4.22.11 Feat. HouseOfFox

It's been a long time since I have done a 'Look of the Day', but I really needed to do one to get back on track. Nothing was working right in SL today. First I couldn't TP anywhere and then I couldn't attach any prims. Luckily, I am far from homeless in SL or I would have been walking around with one boot on or with ugly bare avi feet. Actually, add a beat-up shopping cart and that might work. Hmm.... Okay, let's be real.... In the whole scheme of things, this is all trivial and silly stuff. However, when you have deadlines and gorgeous new stuff to blog, it can be a huge pain in the tush. So, with that said, I have been dying to blog this 'SassyDress', created by Fashionboi Landar of  HouseOfFox. What makes this dress is even more fab, is that you can pick it up for almost nothing at 'The Fashion Garret' ( around $70L, but don't quote me)! The only difficulty I had was with the styling. I had seen this dress posted on so many blogs and flickr that the options were becoming less available.There were many ways that I wanted to style this dress that were already done. So, hopefully, I came up with some accessories that were not already used together.*LOL* Anyway, I hope you like it and here is your limo to HouseOf Fox:
Here is your limo to .:TFG:.:

HouseOfFox -  Sassy
HouseofFox :: SassyDress 
HouseOfFox Sassy (Close)

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: LAQ ~ Linnea - [Peach] Dark brows - 01 by Mallory Cowen
Lip Balm: ROZENA ~Spring Lip Balm(light)~ sakura (Chic Limited) by Lindsay Rozen

Hair: (Milana) Joy - Light Browns by Asuka Martin
Belt: fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Charcoal) by Jolie Monday
Bag: .:Vive9:. Wallace Travel Bag - Black by Sanya Bilavio
Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boot - BLACK by Gospel Voom
Poses: GLITTERATI by Katey Coppola


  1. hello Lila, beautiful blog *---*

    let's trade links? >.<

    hugs see ya *o*

  2. Thank you so much! Sure, we can trade links! I thought I had you on here. Sorry about that **